Betamore, entrepreneurship hub, opens in Federal Hill

We told you about Betamore last summer while it was still under construction. The 8,000-square-foot entrepreneurship center was due to open at the end of September, but took a few months longer than expected.

As of today though, Betamore is open for business. Technically Baltimore has the skinny no the center’s launch party and some good pics of what the space looks like:

Betamore. It lives.

On the fourth and top floor of the 1111 Light Street building in Federal Hill, more than 150 people from Baltimore’s tech community gathered Friday night to celebrate the launch of the Betamore coworking and incubator space, what co-founder Mike Brenner calls Baltimore’s “gym for nerds.”

For the full story, with photos and video, be sure to read the full report from Technically Baltimore.

And for a peek at the work-in-progress last summer, along with a brief interview with co-founder Greg Cangialosi, you can watch our video below.

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