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Vaccine summit to showcase Maryland’s life sciences

Ebola, HIV, influenza, malaria and tuberculosis: These and other deadly diseases could someday be globally eradicated by vaccines. This is the mission of many in Maryland’s life sciences community who will participate in the upcoming Atlantic Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Summit, May 7-8 in Bethesda, Maryland. 

Organized by the Tech Council of Maryland, the summit plans to gather researchers, business leaders and State and federal officials involved in fostering vaccine and immunotherapeutic development.  

“With more than 45 companies conducting 160 clinical trials, and many more novel biotherapeutics in development here in Maryland, as well as the foremost public health institutions, the state has established itself as the epicenter in vaccine and immunotherapeutic innovation,” Phil Schiff, CEO of the Tech Council of Maryland said in a statement. “Our Summit is a way to bring together leaders in all facets of the vaccine and cancer immunotherapeutic market to discuss new opportunities, as well as ways to collaborate in order to advance healthcare around the world.”

The summit will feature speakers and panelists from many of Maryland’s top biotech companies, including Sanaria Inc.NovavaxMacrogenicsMedImmuneEmergent BioSolutionsMaxCyteNexImmuneProtein Potential and Paragon Bioservices. The Vaccine Research Center within the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the office of the U.S. Army Surgeon General, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the University of Maryland School of MedicineJohns Hopkins University and other organizations and institutions will also participate. 

“Life sciences companies, as well as the educational and government institutions, located in Maryland are leading the way in developing life-changing products addressing major health concerns around the world, and more are in the pipeline,” Stephen Hoffman, chief executive and scientific officer of Sanaria Inc., and chairman of the summit, said in a statement.

“Nine of the 50 most influential people in the world’s vaccine industry are based in Maryland, according to a ranking by Vaccine Nation. From cancer immunotherapy and therapeutic vaccines to vaccines for pandemic influenza, Ebola, HIV, TB, and malaria, Maryland’s leaders are driving innovation and will be presenting us with their latest updates on progress at this incredibly exciting summit,” said Hoffman. 

The BioMaryland Center, an office within the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development which supports growth in the State’s life sciences industry, is a contributing sponsor to the event. 

Details on participants and online registration are available online through the event’s website.

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