American Pickers episode to feature Somerset County

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is about to be featured in a very big way.

Last summer, the hosts of History Channel’s hit show American Pickers rolled through town looking for unique, antique and collectible items. What they found will air in an episode on February 17th at 9pm.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visited the site of the former Eastern Shore Americana Museum located near Crisfield in Somerset County. The late Lawrence Burgess founded the museum in 1976 and after his passing the family donated its contents to Somerset County.

The Pickers were reportedly impressed with the size of the collection and spent a large part of the day touring the site. The collection contains pieces Burgess acquired over the years from yard and estate sales that reflect what life was like in rural Maryland over the last century.

“We’re excited that the Somerset County will be showcased on The History Channel Wednesday night,” said Jack Gerbes, Director of the Maryland Film Office. “American Pickers has highlighted many unique Maryland stories this season, and we are sure that Somerset County is ready for their close-up!”

American Pickers has aired on History Channel for 14 seasons and is consistently one of the network’s highest rated shows. Tune in on Wednesdays at 9:00pm.

Episodes are also available on the History Channel’s website the day after airing.

NOTE: This American Pickers episode was originally scheduled to air on February 10. Due to scheduling issues, it was moved to February 17.

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Julia Cora


  1. July 20, 2016 at 10:39 am —

    Hi, I live in Maryland – about 3 hours from the Eastern Shore In Carroll County, a 45 minute drive from Baltimore, Maryland. I have many very old items. Something special I have is a living room set from the 1970’s – Hippie style stuff in yellow leather or vinyl – very pretty – sofa, chair, foot stool, and another chair – plus a 3 foot diameter 1970’s wall hanging. I also have an Old Comfort blue and white enamel iron cook stove in GREAT condition, and 1900’s oak store counter from an old shoe repair shop, 2 Old dental office (tin) cabinets, antique brass bed, 4 very old metal chairs where the backs look like a daisy design – I was told this style chair was used in a very old movie – but I can ‘t recall what movie, and old iron ice cream set – 4 chairs with a table, Plus lots more. I even have a JOHN BELTER Victorian sofa with lots of carvings in rosewood in MINT condition – very rare. 2 Victorian wicker baby buggy’s – one has the parasol on top – one has wood wheels and one has metal wheels. We have been married for 45 years and most of these items were from parents or grand parents collections. Please call me at 410-596-7699 any day from 10AM – 10PM Maryland time. Is it best to call me instead of email due to the fact I do not have a computer or my own – I have to use the library Internet and I don’t get here to often. Please call me – great stuff!!! Thank You – OH – I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!

  2. Bonnie S Bolden
    July 24, 2017 at 3:06 pm —

    Wish I had seen this episode. It re aired last night July 23. I,haven’t gotten home in 20 years. ,,boldenbonnie@Gmail.com. Tried to find it last night. It showed my sisters house. Thank you.

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