QL2 packs up and moves to Baltimore

QL2 – an internet software company that primarily works in the travel, hospitality, and retail industries – is planning to pack up its Atlanta office and move to Baltimore.

The company’s newly-appointed CEO, Carl Warzack, believes moving QL2 to Baltimore will keep the company moving forward. Warzack joins the company with 25 years of global experience and held previous positions at technology companies in the Maryland region, including Millennial Media.

“Carl has spent the vast majority of his career leading global business lines from Baltimore. Through this experience, he knows that moving our global headquarters enables QL2 to leverage the rich technology talent within the Baltimore and Washington corridor,” said Paul Campbell, Chief Commercial Officer of QL2.

Warzack discussed his past experiences working in Baltimore and plans for his new company with MDBizNews.

What made you decide to move QL2’s global headquarters to Baltimore?
The move to Baltimore was driven by the favorable business community, the dynamic start-up environment and the wealth of data focused tech-talent in the area.

How will your past experience help you expand in Maryland?
I was lucky to be a part of two hugely successful start-ups in Baltimore, and Millennial Media. Those experiences have exposed me to great talent, amazing resources and fun work environments. I plan to leverage those experiences to grow another great tech company in Baltimore.

What plans does QL2 have for the Baltimore area?
QL2 has largely focused on the travel industry in the past; however, our new headquarters in Baltimore puts us in a prime location to expand into the finance and government sectors. QL2 offers many data products that will be beneficial to financial institutions such as T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason. And, the proximity to Washington, DC will enable QL2 to participate in government contracts for data research.

What tech talent are you looking forward to working with?
I have been fortunate to work with some amazing tech talent over the last 18 years in Baltimore. With QL2, I hope to revive many of those relationships as well as meet talented developers who have had similar dynamic experiences. Baltimore has a robust tech culture fueled by three great universities: University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins and UMBC. Its history of successful tech start-ups – including and Millennial Media – has created an attitude of “aim high and win.”

What types of growth and innovation can QL2 create in Baltimore?
I believe that QL2 can be a fast growing, innovative company from which Baltimore can benefit, including employment growth, diverse experience and expanding the technology culture. It will provide opportunities substantial opportunities for the tech-focused workforce, and it will provide further evidence as to why Baltimore should be considered one of the great tech cities in the U.S.

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