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by Heather Gramm, CEcD, Chair of MEDA Professional Development Committee In the last few years, the number of adults taking continuing education and professional development courses has grown significantly. Continuing education and professional development courses increase employability, increase workforce productivity, and increase competitiveness, not only for employees but also for

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by Joyce Takeno, Department of Business & Economic Development What do Hagerstown Community College, Dartmouth College and Princeton University have in common? (Hint: One of them is not in the Ivy League.) They have all been designated National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, comprising fewer than 150 higher

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by Leah Michaels This month MDBizMedia will be talking with prominent Marylanders about their lessons learned from odd summer jobs. To preview the project, Secretary Christian Johansson from the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development sat down with us to discuss his odd summer jobs. [youtube=] Think you had

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